12 December 2012

General Pipeclay Higginbotham-Bulling and ADC. . .

Introducing General Pipeclay Higginbotham-Bulling (at left on the Chestnut horse) and his ADC Colonel Murgatroyd.  Two of Jim Purkey's wonderful range of Fife & Drum Miniatures.  
Here is how things stand this afternoon with two of my 20 pledged staff figures for the December 24th 'Friendly Painting Challenge' deadline that is looming ever closer.  Still a number of touch-ups to take care of, followed by gloss varnish and then groundwork, but overall, I am reasonably pleased with the way these two are turning out.  

Paintwork has been (surprise, surprise) mostly in alkyd oils thinned with Original Liquin while Citadel acrylic paints have been used for most, but not all, of the detailing.  In particular, I have Winsor & Newton gold straight from the tube (NOT thinned) for the lace across the fronts and on the sleeves of the good General's and Colonel's coats as well as their epaulettes.  

Very easy to put it exactly where you want it, and metallic oils tend to dry much more rapidly than other colors within the medium.  Great fun using the oils too, and each painting session is also a learning experience as I work to improve (and maybe one day perfect) my brushwork.  Well pleased with the afternoon's work in any case.  Ok, now it's back to salt mine and that stack of student papers staring me in the face from where they sit on the right end of my desk.


James Brewerton said...

great looking command, never did enjoy working with oils on my wargames figures but have used them on a few Bust's and large scale stuff.
Peace James
Exiles Painting

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very proper-looking officers indeed, sir. They shall undoubtedly acquit themselves well on the battlefield. They may or may not win . . . but they will do it with proper "Englishness".

-- Jeff

joppy said...

Beautiful job. I'm extremely envious. That's why I tend to stick to the 18th century - not so much bullion!

tidders said...

super looking command vignette

-- Allan

Giles said...

Lovely work, Stokes. You've really made these figures come alive. I must get some!

Best wishes


Old School ACW said...

The AWI British are the very peak of the 18th century look for me.

Lovely figures and excellent painting Stokes,


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice work, Stokes - but you still aren't going to persuade me away from pure acrylics! :o)


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