10 December 2012

Drowning in. . . Papers!

Another seasonal image this afternoon, this time featuring an old image of that jolly old elf in fur-trimmed robes and boots but with blue trousers.  Why, he almost looks like guardsman!

Just time for a quick post today since I am off -- "Oh, you're off alright!" the Grand Duchess might say -- to pick up two courses' worth of final papers from my mailbox at school.  :-(  Then, I've got two days to read and grade them (about 40 papers, eight-to-ten pages each) before picking up the final batch on Thursday.  My stated goal is to have all of my final grading finished and submitted by Saturday morning, so that I can attend to a new syllabus early next week before signing off from school work for a while. . .  until after the first of the year.  Whew!

Enjoyed some painting last night for a few hours, and two of the vignettes are now getting very much closer to completion.  At this point, I think, I'll work on the two Fife & Drum British officers tonight and hopefully finish them before moving onto a base full of Minden Prussian officers mounted and on foot.  Oh, and there is a lone  Englishman by Fife & Drum on that base too.  We are in the detailing phase in which I am using mostly Citadel acrylics, but I'll be touching up a few select areas with oils too to produce as much of that lovely jewel-like translucent appearance as possible.  Watch for some photo updates in the next few days.

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