20 December 2012

Cold weather arrives in the GD of S.

A lovely, understated pre-Christmas image today.  Father Christmas trudging through the snow, apparently through a thicket of over-sized holly berries.

Much colder today and downright blustery here at Stollen Central this afternoon with high winds as the current winter weather system blows in from the North and West.  There may even be an inch or two of snow on the way tonight.  Cross your fingers!  Or as the Norwegians say "Kryss fingrane!"

We just took the Young Master to visit with Santa Claus/Father Christmas, and the two had a brief, pleasant conversation filled with smiles on both sides, so I suspect both parties fellt good about the experience.  Then, we followed with several last minute errands, including a quick trip to the hardware store for tiny washers and screws to attach the wheels to those four wooden trucks I've been making here in the elves' workshop.  Then it was onto our local arts and crafts store for a small bottle of glossy Liquitex acrylic varnish to finish the vehicles off once they are all done, a trip to the bank, and one or two other small errands.  

Once we were well and truly on our way home in the car, I remarked to the Grand Duchess, "Well, I truly hope to avoid anymore visits to stores until well after January 1st. . .  unless we need more eggnog!

Anyway, the four wooden trucks are coming along well.  I painted the blue windows and headlights onto them last night.  This evening will see me painting the small wooden wheels with two coats of black acrylic hobby paint and taking care of any necessary touch-ups.  I'll also provide some small details with some light gray paint,  Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I'll finish up with two coats of glossy varnish on each truck and then drill holes and add washers and the wheels on Saturday.  Watch for photographs of the finished trucks then.  And then, who knows?  Maybe, I can snatch some soldier painting time here and there before Christmas Eve.

Later. . . 

Oooo, the snow and blowing has begun!  We are currently under a blizzard warning here at Stollen Central.  Bring it on!

And here is a second image that I found trawling the 'net just a little while ago.  Kind of unusual in its relative plain-ness, but I like it.  It reminds me of the fires we always had at this time of year in the huge walk-in fireplace that was in the dining room of my maternal grandparents' colonial-era fieldstone farmhouse in Berks Country, Pennsylvania.

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