14 December 2012

Another New Look for the GD of S Blog. . .

Do children even send letters (or perhaps text messages by now) to Santa Claus and Father Christmas anymore?  Or have we done our cynical best as a society to ruin that for them?

Well, I don't know about you, but I was not happy with yesterday's failed experiment with a more dynamic appearance for the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, which also made blog administrations behind the scenes more difficult that necessary.  So, back to the drawing board!  However, on the suggestion of one commentator, I have found a nice image of 18th century damask wallpaper that I have set as the background of the blog.  For the time being, we'll leave things as they are.  I'm not 100% pleased with the blog's appearance, but I lack the time and inclination to get into learning HTML, which might permit easier manipulation/customization of things here.

No painting last night as I was simply too wiped out by evening to contemplate picking up a brush.  I woke at 4am yesterday morning due to some noise on the street or something and was unable to fall back to sleep.  Finally, I gave finally gave up the ghost a little over an hour later and rose just after 5am, operating yesterday on only about 4 hours of sleep.  Sigh.  Afternoon naps, sadly, are out of the question right now since we cannot get the Young Master to be quiet enough for Dad to remain asleep longer than 10 minutes or so.  Oh, he has his afternoon quiet time, actual naps being relegated to the past at this point, but the concept of quiet reading, coloring, or contemplation for 2-3 hours in the late afternoons sometimes continues to elude him at only three+ years of age.

Anyway, I'd better get to that final stack of student papers in my briefcase now, so I can get that wrapped up and off my mind for a few weeks.  After The Indras' final gig tonight, it's time for some pre-Christmas activities, a social occasion or two, final shopping errands next week, and some serious painting in the evenings.  And then there is Neu Sittangbad to lay out and resume once again, General de Latte willing and permitting.  A busy time indeed!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Yikes, Stokes - that's a very busy background... it's making my eyes go googly.. :o))

Bluebear Jeff said...

That one that was up yesterday was horrible . . . it took forever . . . well over ten minutes to load all of those fussy photo shots.

The grayer background and the damask trim are much nicer.

Sorry that your band is breaking up . . . but that will leave you more time for the table top, right?

Have a very nice Christmas break . . . and here's wishing you some December snow, sir.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

It is better than yesterday's dynamic photos popping in and filling up.
(still, I mostly read blogs from Google Reader so I don't see all the "fancy" stuff there)

Gallia said...

I tremble to change any design thing on my blogs lest they vanish. Silly I suppose but....
Best wishes with your improvements,
Bill (Gallia)


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