09 December 2012

A dark, wet morning. . .

Here at Stollen Central, it's a dark, wet morning outside, so how about a bright, cheery image of the Christmas market in Bremen, Germany today?  And for good measure, another old German image of Santa Claus/Father Christmas follows below.  Are you detecting a theme?  In blue again today, mainly because a musak version of 'Blue Christmas' is on the radio in the background at the moment.  It almost sounds like Bert Kaempfert's orchestra.  Ok, enough prattle.  Time to serve breakfast to the Young Master, and then it's back to the painting table!


Conrad Kinch said...

Merry Christmas Stokes.

Peter Douglas said...


Xmas cheer to you to sir. I may be slow on the uptake but is your duchy the source of the wonderful looking Christmas treat that my family (but not alas I since I am celiac and we have yet to find a GF stollen)is enjoying for breakfast this week?


Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for the good wishes, men. Yes, the Grand Duchess will indeed bake a couple of her authentic Dresdner Stollens a little later this month as we near Christmas, and I can't wait. Buttery, sugary, and definitely not circulatory system friendly, but oh, so good! My mouth waters at the thought.

Best Regards,



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