12 December 2012

A bit nippy here in Zum Stollenkeller today. . .

A somewhat atypical image for the GD of S blog at this time of year, but nevertheless appropriate as both the Grand Duchess and I await the various gifts we've ordered for each other and the Young Master Paul.

A fun couple of hours at the painting table last night after the Young Master's bedtime.  The almost finished Fife & Drum British general and ADC are looking amazing (If I might be so bold) after I redid the dark blue facing colors in oil and fixed the white turnbacks on one of the figures.  I also took care of powdered wigs, white breeches and shirtfronts, and reins/harnesses on their steeds plus white markings on the latter's muzzles and legs.  Just a few things left to do now, chiefly metallic items and lace plus some touch-ups to their crimson sashes.  Hopefully, I can wrap that up this evening.  Then, General Pipeclay Higgenbotham-Bulling and his ADC can assume command of a wing of the Stollenian army arrayed just outside Neu Sittangbad. . . after receiving a coat or two of something glossy and shiny of course.

Let's finish off today's post, however, with a Victorian image of Santa Claus/Father Christmas.  So far this year, I think that this one is my favorite.

Later. . .

For those of you with an interest in such things, the guide I am using to paint my vignette of British General and ADC can be found in Jon Mollo and Malcom McGregor's Uniforms of the American Revolution (Blandford Press, 1975).  It's the very first color plate in the book, following the text, entitled 'British Staff Officers.'  Many thanks to Rob G. for sending me the image below from Messrs Mollo's and McGregor's book!

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