18 October 2012

Preparing for the next Painting Challenge. . .

A variety of Minden Miniatures,  Fife&Drum Miniatures, and RSM95  figures all lined up and waiting for the start of the next painting challenge.

Another painting challenge is almost upon us here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen!  Our loose group of painting ne'er-do-wells, located at various points around the globe, has agreed on October 24th-December 24th, 2012 as the period during which each of us will attempt to complete a particular painting (or modelling) goal.  My pledge is very modest this time given the workload of recent months.  Just 19 mostly mounted figures for several staff vignettes, complete with terrained bases, grouped and posed more or less as in the photograph above.  

I might also draft in one more mounted RSM figure to go with the RSM hussar officer head conversion at the left of three figures in the center foreground of the picture, bringing the total to an even 20 figures.  The tricorn-wearing hussar officer, while I'm very pleased with the way he turned out, just doesn't quite seem to fit in with his livelier Minden cohorts in red and green respectively.  Those two will, by the way, get two new coats of white undercoat to fit in with my more recent painting approach.

Which is to say that I plan to do most of the painting (horses, large uniform areas, and flesh) with oil or Humbrol washes, stains, and glazes.  Surprise!  Details will then be picked out using Citadel (ex-GW) acrylics.  It should be fun to get the old brushes warmed up once again since I haven't done any painting at all since late July or early August when the Frederick II and von Seydlitz vignette was completed.  Be sure to tune in occasionally for further developments!


Peter Douglas said...


Is it to late to join the ranks of ne'er do wells in this challenge? How does one enlist - does it onvolve a flagon with a coin in it?


Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Peter,

Yes, of course! Please feel free to join in, and just keep us apprised here or via your own blog. Usually, we all check in at the halfway point, and then at the challenge's close, or sooner if fate smiles on us and we finish the pledge project earlier than expected.

Best Regards,


Steve Turner said...


How you keep painting so many figures is beyond me. And the cost, oh the cost! It would bankrupt me.


Ulrich von Boffke said...


The secret has been keeping my eye on the prize of two Sittangbad-sized forces over five+ years along with birthday and/or Christmas infusions of either figures, or the funds for their purchase. I've also plowed the odd payment for an article back into the hboby too and been lucky enough to pick up bunches of second hand figures that were unpainted on two of three occasions. So, relatively speaking, the cash outlay over those five years has been if not minimal, then let's say fairly reasonable.

Best Regards,


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Ulrich,
Please include me in the list of "painting ne'er-do-wells." My goal is to complete three twenty-four figure regiments of delightful Minden miniatures. If I can locate the box, I have another box of miniatures located smewhere here in the ArchBishop's residence. Please mark me down as having completed one regiment, The Southumberland Fusiliers, and will be starting the 1st Regiment of federation Grenadiers later today.

Your Servant,

Archbishop Gerardus


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