27 October 2012

Has it been three years already?

Today is the Young Master's third birthday!  Bells are chiming in the capital city Krankenstadt this morning, and the Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II (with the help of his trusty valet Hives) has declared a national holiday throughout the Grand Duchy of Stollen, which will be marked by a large parade of troops through the downtown area mid-afternoon and an opulent costume ball at The Residenz this evening.  

Here in our little neck of the woods though, where in the heck has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday -- and at the same time like it has been forty years -- that the Grand Duchess was wheeled away into the delivery room for preparation at an extremely early hour, and I was handed some scrubs to don before following to hold her hand throughout the procedure that brought us young Paul.  How funny and strange the passage of time is, and nothing makes one realize that like having a child and watching him or her grow up.

We are off to an area zoo today since our weather is bright, sunny, and cool.  A wonderful autumn day!  Lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant will follow since the Young Master loves hummus and pita bread.  After the return home and a couple of hours of the usual "quiet time" in his room with a few books in bed, we'll enjoy some pizza (another Paul favorite) with chocolate cake for dessert, and the opening of several gifts to Paul from us and his grandparents.  An hour or two of play will follow before pajama, toothbrush, and story time.  A full day indeed, but a much needed respite from the frustrations of Monday through Friday life.


tradgardmastare said...

Happy Birthday to the Grand Duke from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland.
Enjoy his youth,my oldest is 18 and the youngest 16,tempus fugit as they say!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Sounds like young Paul will have a full and happy birthday.

I hope that he (and his parents) enjoy it fully.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Happy birthday to the young master! It does seem like it wasn't that long ago.

A J said...

Many Happy Returns to the young shaver, what! =)

Andy McMaster said...

Happy Birthday to the young one! Sounds like you have a good day planned and I hope you all enjoy it!


Peter Douglas said...


Hope the day went well. Enjoy him while he's home, mine's ships off to University next fall and it seems like yesterday that she was a preschooler.


Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes to the Young Master. He had a wonderful day and received a number of nice (and fun) gifts, but the hit of the day was the chocolate cake his mother made, and which he enjoyed again after dinner for second evening in a row. Clearly, we are bringing him up right. ;-)

Best Regards,


Grimsby Mariner said...

hoping you had a great day. word of warning - every year goes quicker and quicker from now!!

Conrad Kinch said...


Old School ACW said...

Happy Birthday young man!



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