18 September 2012

All That Jazz. . .

Featured on the frightfully over-the-top mannequin in the above photograph is a Pendleton lightweight wool tweed jacket, Zanella wool flannel trousers, and a wool necktie by Pride of Wales while the shirt is a Land's End 'original oxford' all-cotton buttondown, and the shoes are vintage Florsheim 'long-wing' brogues.  No more caffeine for him today, folks!  Hmmm. . .  The jacket sleeves need to be just a wee bit shorter I think.  Not enough cuff showing. 

Whenever I spy one of my undergraduates drifting off to sleep during class, I stop and give 'em the jazz hands.  Guaranteed, they'll never, ever, EVER do it again.  Believe it, or not, this was one of the things we learned about classroom management in a semester-long pedagogy seminar back in graduate school about a dozen years ago.  That, or I was once an extra in the chorus line for a production of Gypsy

And not to be outdone, here's the Grand Duchess in her reprise of the final moments of Pavlova and Fokine's The Dying Swan from 1905.


Bluebear Jeff said...

It is very nice to put faces to our "net friends".

-- Jeff

Peter Douglas said...

Very stylish - but where are the boots?


Old School ACW said...

I don't know Stokes - you can pull off "Chap", but can you do "Cad" as well?

de Latte


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