09 August 2012

Frederick and von Seydlitz are done!!!

Here are the boys, fresh from the painting desk, as they dither about the Croats, who have emerged from a copse just behind them.  Note the tree stump and discarded sword. 

Fresh from the painting desk, submitted for your viewing pleasure, Friedrich II and Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz.  The figures are by Minden Miniatures and were painted using a mix of Winsor-Newton alkyd oils and Citadel acrylics, mostly thin washes of each, but der Alte Fritz's horse was done with some pretty heavy drybrushing too.  The groundwork was done with fine sand (given a dark brown wash when dry) and Woodland Scenics materials tacked down with two successive applications of acrylic matt medium.  The tree stump began life as a twig from the front yard.  The discarded sword and broken wagon wheel are spare RSM95 parts, gleaned from the ol' Box of Bits here in Zum Stollenkeller.

Here they are again, this time from the side, still deep in prognostication about the situation unfolding around them.

Here is a better shot from the front and closer in on a brighter part of the table.

I remember reading somewhere -- in Battlegames?  Or maybe an old issue of Military Modelling? -- about photographing one's figures where it was stressed that ideally your figures must fill the frame and be well-lighted.  Of the eight or so pictures I took, this one seems to be the very best.  Whoops!  I see something that needs touching up.

Young Master Paul and Miss Kitty were so pleased for Old Dad that they permitted me to take a photo of them too.  The Young Master has become a HUGE ham and asks for his picture to be taken followed by repeated demands to see how he looks in the photographs.  What have we done??!!


Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice brush work on the young lad that you painted. Very handsome.

Bloggerator said...

1:1 scale, too.

Grimsby Mariner said...

Lovely house you have there Stokes. Children find pictures of themselves fascinating. The models are excellent too.


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