02 August 2012

A Friedrich and von Seydlitz Update. . .

This is one of the illustrations I've used a reference for the painting of my Minden Frederick figure.

Not long now before the ol' Frederick and von Seydlitz in 1/56 scale are finished and ready for varnishing.  I broke out the tubes of oil-based silver and gold yesterday afternoon for some careful painting of saddle cloth fringe, sashes, lace, and other assorted metallic trim on both figures.  Armed with a brush with a sharp point, I managed to apply silver to just the raised areas of said items, and the results look amazing. . .  to my  eyes at least.   Touch-ups -- the bain of wargamer-painters -- were minimal at the time thanks to a steady hand, something that is unusual here at Stollen Central given my love for cups of fresh Java.  

Still horse furniture, sword hilts/scabbards, and a little bit of the waistbelts to do, and then these two figures will be just about done.  Then, it will be time for the varnishing and terraining stages.  But everything has progressed very nicely so far, and I don't think I've ever had command figures look this good.  Really.  But then with figures like those produced by Minden, it's hard not to do a pretty decent job on them.  Watch for photos in the next few days

In other news, there was a question on The Miniatures Page this morning about the ongoing Battle for Neu Sittangbad.  Something like, "Will this battle ever end?"  Well, as long as our friends de Latte and von Tschatschke have a stock of good Cuban cigars and fine single malt whiskey within easy reach, plus an attentive household staff to pick them up from the floor when they overindulge, I foresee the battle, as well as the flurry of sarcastic barbs flying through the air between the two men, continuing to rage for a little while yet.

A more familiar (and rather dashing) portrayal of von Seydlitz by Knoetel, one of several to which I have referred during my painting.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Prince Ulrich,

Your frequent and excellent postings have been received by Us and Our many followers with great delight.

It will be amost salutory and pleasurable event to witness your most recent painted additions to your collection. Your work with metallic oils is most anticipated!

Be well and Our best regards to the Royal Family.

Gerardus Magnus

Tomo said...

"Horse furniture..." lol


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