27 July 2012

We're about to get just a bit bigger here at the Grand Duchy of Stollen. . .

Meet the new Grand Ducal Felines. . .  yes, felines. . .  Princess Gunnlaug (left) and her brother Prince Onyx (right).

The Grand Duchess, Young Master Paul, and I made a vital journey midday Thursday to meet our new kittens for the first time at the 2nd Chance for Pets Animal Shelter 30 minutes away from home.  Absolutely lovely, sweet, calm kitties, who like to be held and cuddle together in you arms or an available lap.  As you can tell from their respective expressions, Gunnlaug at left is the more relaxed of the two while her brother is a bit more apprehensive.  Young Master Paul was curious, full of smiles, and patted Onyx on the head very gently before having his attention diverted by a little Shizu dog that was milling around the outter office of the shelter. 

Now, you can blame the Grand Duchess for our switching oars midstream to adopt both kittens.  Normally more a dog person, she felt it would be better for Gunnlaug to have a friend, and when we learned that the kitten had a sibling with whom she was especially close. . .  Well, we couldn't just adopt one and leave the other, could we?  So, in another six or seven days, following the Royal Neutering of Prince Onyx (he'll never forgive me, I'm sure), we'll get to bring them home and get them accustomed to things here at Stollen Central.

Meanwhile, I'm just about finished with the battalion staff group for the Eyczing-Csiklos Panduren, so look for some better photos of them arrayed in a quiet corner of the wargaming table tomorrow.  And then there is the ongoing Battle for Neu Sittangbad to resume too.  Oh, my dear General de Latte?  Where for art thou?

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Bluebear Jeff said...

We have a very sweet all-black female feline named "Shasha" from the local SPCA.

Like your kitties, even her whiskers are black. But unlike Gunnlaug (and perhaps Prince Onys), Shasha has no white on her . . . but she has peridot green eyes and a very pink tongue.

I hope that you get to enjoy your new cats as much as we enjoy Shasha.

-- Jeff


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