07 July 2012

De Latte's Orders for Move Six. . .

General de Latte grinned devilishly from across the gaming table as his host and opponent walked slowly back into the study with a distinct list to the left.

"Ah, there you are von Tschatschke!  They've finally pried you loose from the gin bottle, I see?"

"I'll shank you not to have fun at my expenshe, old corkscrew!" the older officer thundered, his eyes unfocused as he put a hand to his temple and rubbed gingerly.  "Pardon me for my, my ab, absence," slurred von Tschatschke, "I've been. . .  shomewhat indisposed, you shee."

"Perfectly well, old dressing gown," de Latte chuckled.  "And that's quite an impression of Humphrey Bogart you've got going there.  Or is it Sean Connery?  Now, what about our orders for Turn Six, eh?"

"Fire away!" exclaimed his host, looking around the study.  "Blast!  There's never an ice bucket around when you need it!"

"Alright then," began de Latte.  "Here are my orders for Move Six. . ."

1) The Ermland Guard shall stand fast and continue firing upon the von Auflauf Infantry. Perhaps they might shuffle a little to their left to make room for one of the artillery batteries? While you are not looking I might nudge that wooded hill over a little to make room.

2) von Flickenhoffers' shall Pivot (making a left wheel) on the von Mittau Volunteers to take your Dragoons in their flank.

3) The redoubtable Mittau Volunteers (who deserve a ribbon on their colours for their performance today) shall move in conformity with von Flickenhoffers' so that all three regiments form as nearly as possible a continuous front.

4) The von Auflauf infantry shall move forward as far as they possibly can to form a continuous front with The Ermland Guard, plugging the gap left by the heroic maneuver of von Flickenhoffer's regiment.

5) O'Malleys Irish Borderers will line the edge of the wood closest to the von Auflauf Regiment.

6) The jolly old Red Battery will cease firing upon the benighted residents of Eispicke and redirect their fire upon your Fourth Dragoons.

7) The remaining Artillery (the laggards) will make for the gap that the Ermland Guard has opened or them in the battle line.

8) The Electoral Pioneer Battalion... Hm, what to do with them. Too many units and too little space - been the story of the game for me. Hm. OK, keep then coming along behind von Auflauf.

9) Have the cavalry form up behind the Mittauers and have the Hussars join them.

"Does that seem clear, then, old twizzle stick?" de Latte inquired.

"As the nose on your face!" roared von Tschatschke, who was sobering up slightly.  "My pipe!  I can't light my pipe without a match!"  He patted his waistcoat pockets absentmindedly.  "I say, de Latte?  Have you got a light?  There's a good chap!  Now, let's get to my orders for Move Six, shall we?"

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