31 July 2012

Currently on the painting desk. . .

General Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz

Alte Fritz himself, Friedrich II von Preussen
Thoroughly enjoying painting the two mounted Minden Minatures versions of these key personalities from the SYW-era. . .  at a slow pace.  They are already mounted on a nice large, squarish multiple base, which provides plenty to hold onto as color is applied.  I might add a broken gun carriage or a busted up wagon wheel once we get to the terrain stage after all painting and varnishing are complete.  So far, so good.  No annoying mistakes with the paintbrush or others kinds of painterly mishaps.  Life is good.

1 comment:

tidders said...

The Mindens are a joy to paint, I had a great time painting my Minden staff figures.

- Allan


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