07 July 2012

The Battle for Neu Sittangbad: Now, where were we?

Last week, as you recall*, things took a turn for the worse for Stollen's General von Tschatschke (aka The Flamboyant Silesian) in the ongoing battle for Neu Sittangbad.  While his own forces have inflicted moderately heavy casualties on the invading Zichenauers, commanded by the French mercenary-adventurer one General Phillipe de Latte, von Tschatschke has suffered equally heavy casualties himself and been forced to fall back on the town of Neu Sittangbad, losing two guns in the process.  Here are a few hasty artist's renderings to illustrate where things stand at the end of Turn Five.

The bulk of the Stollenian army, falling back on Neu Sittangbad.  The various units comprising von Tschatschke's army were previously ordered to begin an orderly withdrawl across the river into the Grand Duchy of Stollen proper.  Whether they can execute those orders with a minimal loss of men, horses, and equipment remains to be seen.

Along the northern edge of Neu Sittangbad, Stollenian cuirassiers and a company of engineers behind earthworks cover the approach of the rest of their army from the attentions of General de Latte's Irish grenzers, commanded by that most rambunctious of wild geese one Thomas O' Malley, who are approaching along the wooded ridge that defines the northern edge of the river valley in which the town sits.

A panoramic view of the Zichenauer onslaught as seen from the church spire of Neu Sittangbad.

A company of Stollenian engineers observes quietly from across the river.  Charges already in place along the bridge, they wait for the order from General von Tschatschke to blow it. . .  hopefully AFTER the rest of the army has crossed.

Meanwhile, a large column of de Latte's cavalry circles around the rear of his position, approaching the Stollenian right flank.  The few enemy Jaeger zu Fuss who remain, having little real effect on the battle at this point.

On the Stollenian right, the 4th Dragoons have apparently retaken the lost guns, wresting them from the Zichenauer clutches.  But can this turn of events be exploited by von Tschatschke to positive effect, or is it already too late?

Decisions, decisions.  What's a dandily dressed gent in vintage John Lobb riding boots to do?  General von Tschatschke (in pink and purple trimmed with copious amounts of silver lace) ponders the emerging situation with subdued alarm.  Wait!  Is there even such a thing as 'subdued alarm'?

There, there now!  What's all this, then?  A combined unit of Palatinate and Saxon artillery crew minus their guns, who have appeared on the right rear of de Latte's position?  That can't be a good sign.

That is the situation across the field of battle at the close of Turn Five.  Next up, the start of Turn Six with orders from the respective commanders.  Be sure to tune in again shortly!

*Five points to the first person who can tell me which 1960s sci-fi TV series began each episode of its first season with those words.


Paul Liddle said...

Worth waiting for, what a splendid looking game!.


Chris Gregg said...

Very nice looking indeed, and so well written, Sir......but where are those dancing girls with feather boas you tempted us with on the OSW newsgroup? !!!


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