21 July 2012

A New Member of the Family. . . Meet Gunnlaug-Elvis!

Exciting times are upon us here at Stollen Central!  We have decided that we are ready to adopt a new kitten and have found Gunnlaug-Elvis at a local pet shelter.  She will come home with us in about ten days after she reaches the eight-week mark, but the lady I've spoken with on the telephone e-mailed us a few photographs this morning.  Look at that face!  Can you believe that the shelter has a hard time finding homes for black cats?  As I remarked to my wife, "Is it still the Middle Ages??!!"

As to our kitten's name, well, Gunnlaug is an old Norwegian female name that you just don't come across too much these days, and the Elvis part comes from the police officer character "Geir-Elvis" in the wonderful Norwegian-American television dramedy collaboration called Lillyhammer, which stars Little Steven Van Zandt (yep, Bruce Springsteen's guitarist), who is the show's star and one of its creators.  

The program defies easy description, but basically it involves a member of the Sicilian mafia, who becomes an informer to the police.  Put into a witness protection program, he is relocated from New York City to Lillehammer, Norway where problems and comedic misadventures ensue as the Italian-American mobster attempts to fit into Norwegian society.  The first season of the program is available on Netflix, and I urge you to check it out if it sounds appealing.

Anyway, that's an extremely round-about way of explaining how our new cat has the name Gunnlaug-Elvis.  We'll simply call her "Gunn."


Fitz-Badger said...

aw, cute. :)
I have a bit of a soft spot for black cats (well, for most any cat, for that matter! ha ha).

Conrad Kinch said...

A worthy addition to the family.


And with a name like Gun, this seemed appropriate.

Bluebear Jeff said...

We have Shasha, a very sweet all-black cat (even her whiskers are black) that we got from the BCSPCA . . . and they have the same problem here in Canada, people tend to avoid black cats . . . *sigh*.

-- Jeff


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