06 March 2012

The Outlook for von Tschatschke Appears Grim at the Start of Turn Four. . .

To start, here is a photograph showing the bulk of General de Latte's Army of Zichenau at the start of Turn Four after (most of) his orders have been carried out.  You'll note that his front line of infantry has deployed from columns of four into three-deep lines and is closely supported by a more fragmented second line of infantry, cavalry, and two batteries of limbered artillery.   De Latte's Mittau Volunteers are somewhat ahead of of their main line, supporting the 11th Hussards, who have charged and closed with Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers.

And here is the now fully deployed Zichenauer front line from another angle.

De Latte's engineer battalion and von Auflauf Infantry advance in support of their front line troops while the red battery unlimbers and aims itself at the enemy jaegers holding Eispicke Village.

The rest of O'Malley's Irish Grenzers move into the woods atop the ridge along the northern edge of the Sittangtal.  About one third of them are now within musketry range of the von Laurenz Musketeers, who hold the left flank of  the Stollenain line.

Due to the extremely close nature of the battle, and perhaps fortunately for von Tschatschke, General de Latte's Grenadiere zu Pferd and Trumbach Dragoons have yet to shift their position to the southern side of the field.

Here is a general picture of the Stollenian front line.

General de Latte's third company of Mittau Volunteers  advances downhill in open order toward von Tschatchke's guns.

A vicious melee seems poised to develop between de Latte's 11th Hussards and von Tschatschke's Leib Grenadiers and artillery battery near the southern edge of the Sittangtal.

De Latte's red battery of artillery loads charges of shell and waits for the order to fire on the enemy troops holding Eispicke Village.

Safe for now, a company of Von Tschatschke's engineers watch and wait on the far side of the Blau Zwischen River.

Unaware that a battery of enemy artillery has trained its sites on them, General von Tschatschke's remaining Jaegere zu Fuss make ready to fire on the flanks of de Latte's first and second lines of infantry.

The von Laurenz Musketeers refuse their left wing to meet the threat posed by General de Latte's Irish Grenzers, who no have a firm hold on the wooded ridge along the northern edge of the Sittangtal.

"Oh, I say!  You there!  Von Waldmuenchen?  Have those new John Lobb riding boots I commissioned last summer arrived yet?"  General von Tschatschke seems unphased by developments elsewhere on the field of battle.  A clever ruse designed to fool his opponent General de Latte?  Or is it, instead, compete failure to grasp the precarious nature of his hold on New Sittangbad?


Mike Siggins said...

Best bunch of pics yet. I love the grouping of senior officers, and the Minifig hiding at the back!

Pjotr said...


every day I look for another report of the battle and thrilled to bits when a next series of pictures pops up. Great stuff. Thank you.


Andrew said...

It just gets better and better. What will happen, I for one am staying tooned to this channel....


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