03 March 2012

Orders Issued for Turn Four. . .

"Right you are, old biscuit," said General de Latte, "Turn Three is finished then.  Here are my orders for Turn Four. . ."

1) The Ermland Garde and von Flickenhoffer's Fusiliers to deploy from columns of four into three-deep line (officers, NCOS, musicians, and color party to form the rear  line) and fire continuously on any enemy troops that come within range (i.e., 12” or closer).

2) The Mittau Volunteers will close on the Leib Grenadiers with an eye to bringing them under attack when the melee is done.

3) The Light Company of the Mittau Volunteers (still in open order) will either bring the crew of the nearest gun (assuming the other crew is busily being melee'd by 11th  Hussards) under attack via musket fire or will continue to advance with the intention of doing so next move.

4) Von Auflauf regiment will continue to advance in support of the main infantry line.

5)The Red Artillery battery will cease it's advance and bring the nearest manned building of the Eispicke Village under fire.

6)The remainder of the artillery - is it within range of the von Laurenz musketeers? If so - open fire if it can draw a Line of Sight. If not, continue to advance.

7)Is the most advanced company of o'malleys within range of von Laurenz? If so - open fire. The remainder can move further into the wood with an eye on penetrating toward your cavalry - without exiting the wood!

8) Have the pioneers continue their advance on Sittangbad.

9) Is there much room for my cavalry to maneuver? If so,
my cavalry will advance one full move south in the direction of the hill between Eispicke Village and the marshland whilst at all times remaining out of range of your musketry.

"Here's where it gets really interesting, what?" De Latte rubbed his forehead. "Perhaps I'll take some coffee this time old man. No more brandy for now I think."

"Coffee and clay pipes of the finest Virginia tobacco it is, then, old muffin," replied General von Tschatschke, who picked up a small bell from the end of the gaming table and rang for the butler.  "And here are my orders. . ." 

1) The left wing of the Von Laurenz Musketeers will refuse itself 45 degrees, to face the enemy grenzers, emerging from the wood atop the ridge to their left.

2) The remainder of the infantry line will hold its position and meet any close enemy activity (6” or less) with carefully controlled volleys of musketry.

3) My battery of artillery is to fire another salvo into the exposed  flank of the 11th Hussars, while keeping careful watch on the approaching Mittau Volunteers.  If/when the latter approach to within 12”, the company of men manning the guns will realign their pieces and fire canister on the approaching infantry.

4)  The cavalry, one company of Engineers, and Wolmar-Bock Regiment of infantry will hold their current positions outside of and before Neu Sittangbad. 

5) The remaining company of engineers will complete their task of laying charges along the toll bridge and then withdraw to the far side of the Blau Zwischen River, to observe the battle and determine if/when the toll bridge should be blown up.  Should the enemy enter Neu Sittangbad, detonation should not happen until all friendly troops have broken off contact and withdrawn across the river.

"I think you'll agree that my orders seem deceptively simple, eh, de Latte?  Economy of action and all that," intoned von Tschatschke with a sanctimonious air.  "Now, de Latte," he continued, changing the subject, "I see that our coffee and pipes have arrived.  Do help yourself to the tobacco in that small carved wooden box to your left over there.  It came all the way from Virginia in the American colonies.  Bought a boatload of it from some chap called Washington.  Or was it Jefferson?  Hardly matters I suppose.  Have you got a light?  Oh, I say!  Are you feeling unwell?  Do sit down.  You're a bit green around the gills."

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Bloggerator said...

"Deceptively simple", eh Tschatschke? Simple, at least... de Latte grimply reached out for the tape-measure.


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