03 March 2012

The Close of Turn Three in the Battle for Neu Sittangbad. . .

 Above, General de Latte's 11th Hussars charge home on von Tschatschke's Leib Grenadiers at the close of Turn Three. 

". . .  And that's how the Colonel von Adalnowski's kitchen maid became Frau von Topfsange, Lady of the Manor.  Damned bad luck for poor von Topfsange though.  She never did learn how to hold her tea cup properly.  And the way she danced the Minuet.  Scandalous!  I've heard they moved to Riga several years ago now.  There was a Lutheran bishop there, a cousin to von Topfsange and quite a sharp player at the card table I am told.  Anyway, he had one of those lovely old red brick townhouses with the gabled front in a better part of town that had a receiving room, furnished with red damask chairs and a maroon chaise lounge with golden dragon flies all over it, made by a Monsieur d'Oie from Paris, of whom you might have heard, and he. . .  De Latte?  I say, De Latte?  De Latte!  Wake up, old shaving mug!"

"What?  What?  Oh, frightfully sorry there, old razor strap!  Must have dozed off.  You lost me somewhere around  the stable boy falling down the well with an armload of Frau von Adalnowski's best silverware and the costume ball to celebrate Old Uncle August's 91st birthday."

"Never mind, never mind." said von Tschatschke, "Now, where are we on the table?"

"End of Turn Three, old fruit," smiled de Latte, stifling a yawn and rubbing sleep schmutz from the inner corner of his right eye discretely with his pinky finger before continuing, "My hussars have closed with those grenadiers in your front line.  Doesn't look good for them, what?"

"What?  Oh.  Um, no.  Not good.  Not good at all," replied von Tscatschke.  "Melees take two turns, correct?  Shall we agree to conclude Turn Three then and issue our orders for Turn Four?"

"Yes, let's," replied General de Latte in a decidedly gleeful tone.  "We can resolve the melee at the end of Turn Four after we exchange and execute new orders for the rest of our units.  Tally ho!"

"Steady on, old shaving brush!" exclaimed General von Tschatschke, "Steady on!"

And here is another view of the same scene.  It does not look good for Grand Duchess Sonja's Own, but there are, nevertheless, a few hussars still in the way of one half of von Tschatschke's Battery of guns.

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