18 February 2012

Troop Positions after Initial Moves. . .

 Here is a general view of the battlefield after the initial moves ordered have been carried out.  Note the finely modeled, intricately detailed marshland at the right of the photograph.

Looks like trouble for the Stollenian Jaeger zu Fuss, who have been cut off  and surrounded with most of them still trapped in Eispicke Village by the Voluntiere aus Mittau Infantry and the 11th Hussars with several in the open about to be ridden down by the latter.  Adding insult to injury, the jaegers within the village are just about within extreme range (about 34-36") of General de Latte's red-coated battery, deployed currently on the hill in the distance.

Meanwhile, General de Latte's Irish Grenzers, under the command of that rogue, one Colonel Thomas O'Malley, are making haste for the Sittangwald, still almost two moves away.

Whoops!  Here's another photograph of the situation outside the village of Eispicke.  It doesn't look promising. 

For his part, Stollen's General von Tschatschke, the Flamboyant Silesian, is having trouble sorting his infantry and cavalry out on his left flank.    Here, you can see the Anspach-Beyreuth Cuirassiers and the von Laurenz Musketeers have almost become bunched and disordered in taking up their respective positions outside Neu Sittangbad. 

Things seem a bit better on the right flank however.  You'll notice Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers marching in almost perfect order to establish a line while the artillery is marching at top speed toward the hill just beyond the marshland at the extreme upper right of the photograph.  Finally,  two squadrons of the 4th Dragoons have moved rearward a full move to a new position where they can guard General von Tschatschke's right flank and make room for other units to pass by.  Just look at the blue on those grenadiers and hussars!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

You may be surprised to know that actually looks a lot like the patch behind my house, The gabions are however uniquely colourful.

Good show!

Peter Douglas said...

Good stuff! Looks like old school gaming the way it should be.

Irish Grenzers? Love the aritocats reference through.

Looking forward to a denouement.


Pjotr said...


I'm truly in awe of your set up. The crown on several years of planning, modelling and painting. Congratulations on achieving your goal: the Sittangbad refight? Awesome.


Der Alte Fritz said...
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Andrew said...

It's all looking good there, definitely shows how a few years collecting and painting can produce a stunning result.

As for gabions - I had to take a quick look at my painting table as I am sure they were the same as the ones that my minis are bluetacked to for painting ;-)

Keep up the good work...

Der Alte Fritz said...

The Grand Duchess's Regiment is marching smartly out onto the field, looking a bit like the last march of the Middle Guard at Waterloo. I hope that their fate is better.

BTW: can you change your security words a bit? Now we have to type in two words, but the problem is the second word is often obscured by a blob of black. It took me six attempts to find some words that I could actually read. :(


Conrad Kinch said...

Looking very smart old chap. They are a credit to you.


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