19 February 2012

Orders for Move Two. . .

Here is another sketch map by General de Latte, indicating new troops positions.
General von Tschatschke and General de Latte have just written and dispatched their new orders for Move Two.  Let's peek and see what the two tactical ne'er-do-wells are planning, shall we?

General von Tschatschke:
1) Jaegers will have to do the best they can in Eispicke Village and, if at all possible, make their way back to Stollenian lines via the hill and marshland.

2) Gun battery to continue to hill, deploy and begin firing into nearest target(s) as soon as possible, preferably the flanks of any cavalry units that pass by.

3) Von Laurenz Musketeers and Leib Grenadiers will form line in company columns of fours and fire on any enemy that comes within close range (6” or less).

4) Independent company of Wolmar-Bock Regiment will occupy field works beyond town gate.

5) One company of 11th Engineers will occupy field works on north side of Neu Sittangbad.  The other company will begin laying charges along the length of the toll bridge for possible
demolition late in the day if necessary.

6) The third squadron of the 4th Dragoons will join rest of regiment just to the south of Neu Sittangbad.

General de Latte:
 1)11th Hussards, 1st Squadron, charge those jaeger in the open before you. Residue of the regiment to gain the height, but mount no futher that the first contour line - no line of sight for those gunners on the plain. Await relief from the Mittau Infantry.

2) Mittau Infantry to gain the height.

3) Trumbach Dragoons to fall back and take station behind the Grenadere zu Pferd.

4) The Ermland Garde  and Von Flickenhoffer’s are to form columns of fours and advance upon the enemy infantry. They are to form line outside of enemy musketry range and engage them forthwith.

5) My number one battery (1, 2 and 3 from the right of my line to the left) shall move in conformity with the Infantry.

6) Batteries two and three shall continue their fire upon targets of opportunity (ie, until I can give them some blessed movement orders!).


Old School ACW said...

I hate making frontal attacks. In this case, there seems little enough choice.


de Latte.

PS. I really, really don't like your word verification thingy.


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Greg!

I plead total ignorance with the word verification thingy. Blogger began doing this about ten days ago, and I'm not sure how to right it short of doing away with comment moderation altogether. . . but then I fear more girly-girly, naughty-naughty spam from Asia like I had about two-three years ago, which is why I went to comment moderation in the first place. Any suggestions? I'll try anything.


Peter Douglas said...


The capcha thingy is a pain in the royal keister. The reset arrow helps. Just hit it until you find somehting almost legible.

The game looks very good!


Peter Douglas said...


You comments on the "girly-girly spam" had me chuckling. Every term I tell my students that they can contact me at my home email but need to clearly identify themselves in the title line (i.e. MATH104 Assignment Questions") as emails from young ladies using hotmail and gmail accounts get trashed by my home spam filter (i.e. my wife).



Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yeah, it is a pain in the behind, but not as much as spam message from some combination Japanese mail-order bride/porno site, which began showing up randomly here in in my comments during the spring of 2009 or 2010. Troubling to say the least. Comment moderation was necessary to stop that kind of thing. One, it's embarrassing for stuff like that to appear out of nowhere. Two, I'm already happily married to the gal of my dreams. And three, if I were not married already, the internet mail-order/porno approach is not the way to go about it. . . at least not for me in any case. It might work for some guys, but. . . Let's get back to the battle!


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