25 February 2012

Move Three Orders. . .

Here is another sketch map of the battlefield, showing the new situation at the start of Turn Three, drawn by General de Latte between puffing on his Cuban cigar and chiding the tactically challenged von Tschatschke.

After several minutes of good-natured banter over snifters of brandy and Cuban cigars, de Latte and von Tschatschke wrote their orders for Turn Three.  General von Tschatschke shared his first. . .

1)  My jaegers in Eispick Village are to occupy empty buildings, hold them, and fire on ANY enemy roops that pass within close range (i.e., 6” or closer).

2)  Main infantry line Von Laurenz Musketeers and Leib Grenadiers to deploy from columns of four into three-deep line (officers, NCOS, musicians, and color party to form the rear  line) and fire continuously on any enemy troops that come within range (i.e., 12” or closer).

3) Artillery battery to stop advance toward hill and deploy  in space between marshland and infantry line, opening fire as soon as possible on advancing enemy and cavalry formations in sight.

4) Engineers to continue in their task of laying charges along the toll bridge spanning the Blau Zwischen.

5) Independent company of Wolmar-Bock Regiment to reach and occupy fieldworks before Neu Sittangbad’s town gate.

6) Remaining troops to occupy their current positions.

"Looks like your troops are in for it now, old shoe" grinned von Tschatschke.  "I'm through playing around with you now!"  He took another puff on his cigar and blew out smoke rings toward the ceiling.

"Entirely predictable and ineffective, my dear von Tschatschke," chuckled de Latte from his side of the table.  Here are my orders. . ."

1) 11th Hussars will charge the flank of the Leib Grenadiers.

2) Light Company of the Mittau Infantry shall mount the height in open order and attack the artillery battery as son as possible with musketry. The remainder shall pivot on the village of Eispicke and advance upon the flank of the Leib Regiment in support of the Hussars.

3) TheVon Auflauf Infantry shall advance in support of the rest of the Infantry a full move.

4) von Flickenhoffers' and the Ermlande Garde will advance upon the enemy infantry and engage them with musketry.

5) The Trumbach Dragoons and the Grenadere zu Pferd will remain out of musket range of the enemy.

6) The Field Artillery will advance to within 18" of the enemy infantry.

7) The "Red" Artillery will advance 12" in the direction of the Village of Eispicke.

8) O'Malley's will enter the wood and line it's southern perimeter closest to the von Laurenz Musketeers and (finally);

9) The Electoral Pioneers will march at all possible speed for the Town of Sittangbad.

"Well, I'll be. . .  " hiccoughed von Tschatschke, reddening visibly and dropping his cigar accidentally from his mouth into his snifter of brandy.

"Looks like someone wasn't paying attention when they taught about the importance of mutual support between the different arms, old boy," said de Latte as he tapped ash from the end of his own cigar.  "Now, do we have any musketry to resolve this turn?"


Conrad Kinch said...

It just occurred to me. If this game is taking place in the United States, where do your fellows get their cigars?

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