26 February 2012

Move Three Orders Excecuted. . .

Zichenau's General de Latte has ordered what appears to be a general advance.  Above, you can see his front line of infantry almost within musketry range of the Stollenian infantry.

Here, you'll observe General de Latte and his officers, advancing just behind the first line of infantry and cavalry, not far from the waiting Stollenian line now.

General de Latte has order his second line of troops to advance in close support of the first.

Here's another view of the Zichenauer advance, accompanied by the dastardly General de Latte and his evil minions.

The grim Stollenian Army awaits the Zichenauer onslaught.

A rash move by General de Latte, I think!  He has ordered his hussars to charge the flank of the stalwart Leib (Grand Duchess Sonj'a Own) Grenadiers the Grand Duchy of Stollen's Household Regiment.  The outcome might be less pleasant than those brash young men in braided dolmans and fancy pelisses suspect.

It would appear, much to General von Tschatschke's chagrin, that the Irish Grenzer's have reached the wooded ridge along the northern edge of the Sittangtal and have begun to do what light troops do best. . .  open up and swarm around any available unsuspecting targets.  In this case, that includes von Tschatschke's Von Laurenz Musketeers and his regiment of Anspach-Bayreuth Cuirassiers, both barely visible through the trees here.

Here, we see de Latte's Mittau Volunteeers marching in support of the 11th Hussars with their leftmost company taking the hill at the double in relatively open order.

Here we see the right of General von Tschatschke's line, which now includes a fully deployed battery of guns just itching for the order to fire on those pesky hussars and approaching Mittau Volunteers on the hill nearby.

Apparently sidelined, General von Tschatschke's remaining Jaeger zu FUss hunker down and occupy three of the buildings in Eispicke Village.


Old School ACW said...

Agggh! Mordieus!

Ze flank! Ze flank!

What part of "flank" don't you befrogged fools understand?

de latte

Grimsby Mariner said...

Great looking game Stokes. Wish I could help play it with you.

A J said...

It's shaping up into a fierce encounter. I certainly don't envy those hussars.

Der Alte Fritz said...

You have really captured the look and feel of the original Charge book - probably better than any other collection that I have seen.

BTW, methinks the Stollen infantry deployed too far forward. I don't like to put my best guard unit in the front line either. I hope that Duchess Sonja's Own Grenadiers fend off those hussars.

Bloggerator said...

Shhh! Don't tell him!

de Latte

Andrew said...

Whoever wins the battle there is no doubt that they are a damn fine looking bunch.


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