19 February 2012

KAAAAA. . . boom?

Revell 1/72 Austrian gunners, painted in Russian uniforms, firing 25mm MiniFig generic mid-18th century guns.  Garrison crews along with two Holger Eriksson guns in the mid-distance and two more MiniFig pieces in the background.

Near the end of the first move of Neu Sittangbad, the dastardly General de Latte ordered a battery of his artillery to fire on the Stollenian jaegers cut off and trapped within Eispicke Village.  At extreme range, 34"-36", the general needed to roll at least a six for his gunners to establish the correct range and have the chance of inflicting some casualties on the jaegers.  He popped a lone die into a navy blue velvet cup, shook it vigorously, and threw.

"Blast!" exclaimed de Latte with dusgust. 

"Oh, you rolled a one, old shoe!" chuckled General von Tschatschke from across the table, "Looks like your opening shots fell short of their mark.  There's a bit of bad luck, eh?"  General de Latte muttered something under his breath about loaded dice, twisted his mustache  between his left forefinger and thumb, and then added, 

"Never mind then.  It's still early in the game.  Shall we agree to end the turn and start Move Two?"  

"Move Two it is then," agreed von Tschatschke.  "Let's write down our respective orders and see where we are."

"Yes, let's," came de Latte's tart reply.

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