12 February 2012

Coming Soon to Zum Stollenkeller. . .

The Battle of Neu Sittangbad is about to begin in the next few days! It will feature LARGE units of painted 25-30mm plastic and metal figures, painted over five and a half years, fighting over scratch-built, and some improvised, scenery on a 6'x10' table painted in a pleasant light green.

The game will be a solo affair, using the Basic rules presented by Young andLawford in Charge!, along with a few Featherstone-inspired bits to introduce random events.

I am in the midst of tacking my figures down to multiple bases.  While this particular feature departs from my previously faithful adaptation of the unbased units in Charge!, The War Game, et al it should speed play appreciably.  A necessary compromise, but I console myself by remembering that it was those photographs of colorful Napoleonics, on multiple bases of three, six, and eight figures apiece, from Peter Gilder's Wargames Holiday Centre, that inspired me in the first place thirty years ago.  So, the "look" of my games from now on will be a mix of Young &Lawford's and the Grants' mid-18th Century armies on the one hand and Peter Gilder's massed ranks of Napoleonics on the other.  Not a bad visual combination.

In the meantime, please look around the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog for a bit of fictitious background before the big game and another inspiring guestpost on figure painting from one Mike Siggins.  Initial moves in the Battle of Neu Sittangbad are set to begin this coming Friday afternoon, February 17th, once I am home from school for the weekend.  This production has been rated A, suitable for ALL audiences.

Later. . .
I've just spent an enjoyable 90 minutes or so, gluing another unit of infantry onto thin plywood bases and setting up more troops on the table.  Whew!  That's a lot of soldiers, and I'm not finished yet.  No wonder, it took five and a half years to paint everything.  So, three or four more plastic tubs to unpack, a few minor adjustments to make to the tabletop battlefield, then I'll place the troops where Young and Lawford had them, more or less, at the start of their account, and away we go!  Someone, cue the 1812 Overture, please.


Paul Liddle said...

I'm really looking forward to this game, the culmination of years of work, your blog has been very inspiring and influential to me.



Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, Paul! Hope you enjoy watching Neu Sittangbad unfold via the GD of S blog. I'm excitied to finally be doing it.

Best Regards,


warpaintjj said...

This will be a treat for all of us methinks - roll on Friday.
Be good,


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