15 January 2012

Yet another Comparison Photograph. . .

A picture I took in February 2007, to illustrate the difference in size between the plastic 1/72 scale SYW figures by Revell on the left and a metal 1/60 scale RSM95 Prussian grenadier, painted here as the famous Oberfeldwebel Klatschen, the most feared non-commissioned officer in the Army of Stollen.  Why, it has been said that even the generals avoid tangling with him!  While the difference in stature and stoutness between the two miniatures is readily apparent, you really don't notice that when they are deployed in large units on the table.

1 comment:

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Prince Ulrich,

Are many of your regiments in plastic? Have you had occasion to mix plastic line figures with metal 20 mm lead command figures?

In any case your painting skills are excellent and your work commendable. Enjoy the winter weather and your well-deserved intersession. Have any of your students ever encountered your blog site?

All the very best,

gerardus Magnus
Arch-Bishop of Han-gover


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