10 January 2012

Three Weeks Left to Cast Your Vote. . .

The Sittangbad town jail, as featured in Charge!  I have "borrowed" this particular photograph from the Vintage Wargaming blog.

Only three weeks -- 21 days -- left for you to vote for your choice in the "Which tabletop battle should I fight first in 2012?" poll.  So far, a refight of the Battle of Sittangbad is currently in the lead with approximately 45% of the votes.  But will it be the winner come Midnight on January 31st-February 1st?  There is still lots of time for one of the Charles S. Grant scenarios to pull ahead, so you never know.  If you have not yet done so, please cast your vote for the scenario of your choice in the poll at the upper right of the Grand Duchy of Stollen homepage.  This is your chance to have some influence on the painting, occasional gaming, and other assorted wackiness that transpires here at Stollen Central.  Cast your vote right now!

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