29 January 2012

Re-Basing Underway. . .

A regiment of Stollenian cavalry -- the 4th (Trakehenen) Dragoons -- painted during January and February of 2007.  My first cavalry unit for the Grand Duchy of Stollen project.  They will shortly be re-based, or fastened to multiple bases in keeping with my drive to speed games along somewhat.  Figures pictured are Revell 1/72 plastic Austrian dragoons and were painted with a combination of Citadel (ex-Games Workshop) acrylics and oils.

1 comment:

Concentrationally Challenged said...

Wow. Those are some very smart looking horsemen!

And while they do appear smaller than the 25mm figures in the background, I am willing to bet they still look terrific on the tabletop and fight just as hard as their metal brethren.

Good job, and thanks for sharing.


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