17 January 2012

Presenting the 6th (Luebecker Musketeers) Regiment of Infantry!!!

61 figures and a horse, painted between the end of November 2011 and early January 2012.

Freshly glossed and awaiting a second coat in a day or two, here is the final unit of infantry in my initial Sittangbad-sized forces.  The uniform is based very heavily on a Knoetel plate, illustrating the military costume worn by Hansastadt Luebeck's Buergermilitaer during the mid- to late 18th Century.  The figures were painted with a mix of acrylics, Humbrol enamels, and oil glazes (the horse and scarlet coats).  As you might suspect from previous comments by me over the last couple of months, I enjoyed painting these immensely.  Certainly as much as, if not even more than, those Holger Eriksson dragoons a year ago.

This unit will have the honor of beign the first regiment in my armies committed to multiple bases in a few days once I have had the chance to visit the local model railway shop to purchase the right kind of thin wood ply.  More photos to come once that final step is all done.


tradgardmastare said...

Stunning work stokes- I look forward with interest to the multiple bases too...
best wishes

tidders said...


Lovely looking regiment

For bases it may be worth considering buying some commercially avilable pre-cut MDF bases - prices are reasonable (e.g. from somewhere like http://www.warbases.co.uk/). Will save you a lot of cutting up time. I bought a load of pre-cut bases to complete all my currently planned 40mm units.


-- Allan

paint pig said...

These look grand, very grand indeed. Shining to attention

Jiminho said...

That is a pretty unit (I like the red coats), and one turned out quickly. You are at the end of the essential part of your project! THe view must be splendid up there!



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