30 January 2012

Freshly Based. . .

Whoops!  I still need to paint the edges of the various bases green.

Finally made myself sit down and attach those 60-odd Luebecker Musketeers to their permanent bases yesterday.  I'm pleased with the results.  No "terraining" of said bases, in keeping with my Old School approach, but the bases are painted in the same green as the tabletop.  Very simple, but I'd like to think that the unit presents a nice combination of classic Young, Lawford, and Grant on the one hand, and slightly more practical Gilder on the other, which works for me.  Now, which of the existing units in the GD of S order of battle to be (re-) based next?


Concentrationally Challenged said...

A very smart regiment indeed! Nicely done.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I have always really liked seeing units where the bases were the same color as the table top . . . it makes the figures stand out well and just looks better in my opinion.

This unit looks grand, Stokes. Very nice, sir.

-- Jeff

Mark Dudley said...

Looking good

Out of interest what base sizes have you settled on and are you going with some single figures for casualties or using markers.


Prince Lupus said...

Quite splendid.

The new title picture is inspirational too.

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, men! The base sizes are those stipulated for close order 25mm infantry in Peter Gilder's In the Grand Manner -- 15mm frontage x 20mm depth. Most bases in a unit are of eight figures (60mm frontage by 40mm depth), but two bases are divided into four, two, one, and one to facilitate easy casualty removal. The officers, NCOs, and musicians are on single bases too.

Best Regards,


tidders said...

Regiment looks very neat and tidy. I forget to paint some of the base edges too !

For my bases 15mm front. x 20mm depth. for infantry; 20mm front x 40mm depth for cavalry.

-- Allan


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