14 January 2012

Figure Comparison Photographs. . .

In the above photograph, taken by yours truly in 2007, you'll observe from the left an RSM95 figure, one by Spencer Smith, another by MiniFigs, and a plastic one by Revell at the far right.

Back in early December, one of you Stollen regulars asked in a comment for some comparison photographs of various 18th century figures, to see how they compared in stature and stoutness.  So, without further ado, here are a number of reblogged pictures gleaned from various blogs, including my own.  Thanks in advance go out to Greg Horne, Jim Purky, Frank Hammond, Little John of Lead Gardens, Allen at The Kingdom of Wittenberg, and Steve Gill.  If I have missed anyone, please excuse me, and do let me know offline, so I can make the necessary corrections and give credit where it is due.

At any rate, figure choice, when it comes time to making that leap and parting with your hard earned cash, is, like so much else in life, a highly personal thing.  My own preference if for slender, realistically proportioned figures produced by the likes of Stadden (Tradition), RSM95, Minden Miniatures, Holger Eriksson, and Spencer Smith.  With the exception of the first mentioned, my own collection consists primarily of 25mm-28mm-30mm-1/60th-1/57th (take your pick) soldiers produced by these manufacturers, along with some 1/72nd plastics by Revell.  You might very well have other preferences.  In any case, I hope the photographs assembled here today might shed some light on the very different sizing and proportion standards between brands and, ultimately, assist you in making your own decisions about which miniatures to purchase for your own 18th century armies.

Here is another of my own photos, this time from 2009, showing from left to right miniatures by: Zvezda, Revell, Garrison, RSM95, Holger Eriksson, Spencer Smith, and MiniFigs.

This particular photograph is from Frank Hammond of Minden Minatures, showing his own figure at center, next to others by various manufacturers.  The Minden and the RSM figures here are my personal favorites.  The others, while nice, look too well fed, or there is something about the heads and/or hands that strike me as wildly out of proportion.

Here's a shot by Jim Purky -- Hesse-Seewald's own "Der Alte Fritz" -- of a few figures from his collection.  From left to right castings by: Stadden, Suren, Capitulations, and Eureka.

This photograph comes from Greg Horne, the man behind the Duchy of Alzheim, and shows how nicely RSM and Eureka miniatures work together.

I am unsure of the provenance of this particular photograph, gleaned from the web.  Credit may possibly go to Colonel Campbell.  In any case, it shows miniatures produced by, from left to right: Eureka, Front Rank, ???, RSM, Sash and Sabre, and (possibly) Crusader.  If you have any additional information about the unidentified figures above, or who took the photograph, please let me know.

The figures show here are by RSM and Spencer Smith.  Credit goes to Little John at the Lead Gardens blog.

The Kingdom of Wittenberg furnishes this nicely composed comparison photo of a few figures sitting around on the painting table a few years ago.

Finally, let's close with another photograph from Wittenberg of some cavalry figures this time.  From left to right are pictured miniatures by: Dixon, Old Gory, and Elite.


rob3rod said...

Nicely explained,Stokes, and I will still opt for RSM with a smattering of Willie figures.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Stokes

The 6th picture the figure on the far right looks like a Crusader one.

I have some comparison photos you can use/



Andy McMaster said...

Excellent little summary. I'm currently painting RSM again (soon on Ottomans) and will be looking for other odds and ends to mix in. I have my eye on some Willie eunachs (so to speak!). I do think Minden command can mix in well with RSM though.


Der Alte Fritz said...

I think Colonel Campbell took the picture on the camoflage carpet.

Chris Gregg said...

Thanks for this very informative collection of photos.

Chris said...

Thanks, that was very kind of you to provide these comparison shots. I must say that the bubble-heads that we have grown accustomed to from the likes of Foundry and FR are revealed as such by the more elegant designs like RSM. I also like the more Connoisseur like castings from Jackdaw.

Thanks again.

Steve Gill said...

Thanks for a very useful compilation.

The sixth photo down, with the question marks, the figure on the extreme right of the row is, I believe, a Prussian Fusilier from Crusader Miniatures.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, thank you for these comparison photos . . . and it just re-confirms my preference for the RSM figures (which are also among the most reasonably priced for North Americans at least).

-- Jeff

paint pig said...

I think I like....... them all.
I would like to build 1 regt. of Surens but the web store doesn't have photo's so unless your familiar with the line you don't know what your getting, dammit. I'm still pretty happy with my Mindens though


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