15 January 2012

Another Comparison Photo. . .

This comparison photograph, taken in 2010, comes to us from Mark Dudley of the Ilkley Old School blog.  from left to right, the figures are by: Spencer Smith, Minot, Jackdaw, and the final three by Tradition (Stadden).  Were time and money no object, I'd add large units in metal from all these miniature makers.

The responses to yesterday's posting of various comparison photographs have been extremely good, and it has been a real pleasure hearing from all of you on the subject.  If there is anyone else out there with some comparisons photographs of nominally 25-30mm figures floating around on your hard drives, and assuming you would like to see them reblogged here, please send them along, clearly identifying which figures are which, and I'll post them at the GD of S blog.  

It's really very interesting to see all of these various figures next to each other.  For many years, I was under the mistaken impression that 30mm MUST be larger than 25/28mm.  Clearly, that is not always the case.  Does anyone know why the 30mm classification was applied way back when, and why it was jettisoned in the early 1970s for 25mm?  And does anyone still bother painting and collecting 15mm figures?  The impression I have is that the 18mm fellows seems to be edging them out.  Or is it simply that as someone now well past the age of 40, with middle-aged eyes, it's difficult to imagine trying to paint anything smaller than 20mm figures?  Ok, discuss!

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Big Andy said...

In terms of time its the 25mm and especially 28mm that are the new boys- if you go back far enough there were no 25mm - just 20mm and 30mm- 30mm of course being the size of German Zinnfiguren flatsand in that sense a "traditional" size dating back to at least the late 19th century and probably ealier. Not sure about the genesis of 20mm but 25mm seems to have grown up as a response to 20mm plastics- but the sizeis older- 28mm is the parvenue invented by Guensey foundry so you would only buy their brand then Foundry and bandwaggon jumped by all the others- check your old mags from the 1990s and compare with the same product today- apparently the toys made by Foundry Front rant et all jumped by 3mm sometimes overnight
In truth modern 25/28mm have been the same size as Stadden 30mm for years.
See size comparison shots on my own blog.


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