04 December 2011

We could use a little snow in the Grand Duchy of Stollen!

Today's seasonal photograph is of the Flensburger Weihnachtsmarkt (Flensburg Christmas Market) in the small German city of Flensburg near the Danish border.

A dark, damp, gloomy December morning here at Stollen Central.  We sure could use some of the snow they have had in parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan, which would brighten things up nicely.  The Nordic Skiing place that the Grand Duchess and I like, ABR Trails just outside Ironwood, Michigan, reports 4"-6" on the ground and some grooming of trails.  What a shame it's about eight hours north of us by car!  And Young Master Paul is still a wee bit on the young side for that sort of outting.  Sigh.

On the soldierly front, I completed one batch of four RSM Prussian musketeers early yesterday evening and began another batch of five, which will bring us to 16 musketeers in a day or two when those are finished.  A photo or two when these are done.  Then it will be time to tackle a couple of officers, a drummer, and a standard bearer plus the mounted colonel, all of which should provided a nice change of pace before plowing ahead with another four musketeers.

Finally, today's photograph of a German Christmas market comes from Flensburg, a small, sleepy place very close to Denmark but on the German side of the border.  The region is interesting because it's one of those places which has, or had until the fairly recent past, a sizable Danish-speaking minority.  However, when I spent several days in the city in the spring of 1990, I only ever encountered German speakers.  Maybe I just wasn't listening closely enough?  But I digress.  What a shame one can't earn billions for the simple act of digression.  I'd be filthy rich by now.

Anyway, for those of you who are intrigued by the idea of these German Christmas markets, something that many other countries have taken up in recent years, here is a link to Wikipedia, which explains a bit about the origins of this delightful pre-Christmas tradion that typically takes place during the Advent period or Adventzeit.  Just click on this link: Weihnactsmarkt.


Bloggerator said...

We are having a somewhat mild start to summer here in Melbourne. It can't last. Batten down the hatches (and get the airconditioner re-gassed) for those 40C+ days and look for the start of the bush-fire season!



Xaltotun of Python said...

Mywife Sandra, coming from Warrington, likes the idea of snow - she didn't see much in her younger. Personally, being from Tyneside, I remember having to walk to school over the tops of trees. I don't wish for snow.



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