12 December 2011

No photos of the young George Michael and Andrew Ridgley here!

A rather plain version of good ol' Saint Nicholas, but the image is attractive in ay case. 

Just a quick post this morning, so I can get to that last batch of student papers, submit final course grades for the semester, and then maybe some painting later on this afternoon or evening.  Very close to finishing those first two officers, a drummer, NCO, and standard-bearer.  Just some final touch-ups to address and then the standard itself, which should be really eye-catching if I can pull it off free-hand.  Tune in tomorrow (evening) to see how things have gone.

At the top of today's entry, a nice representation of Santa Claus/Father Christmas albeit a bit on the plain side by modern standards.  Still, he cuts a dashing, if slightly subdued, figure.  His colors nevertheless have a certain something that appeals to my eye.  Hmmmm, brown and red (or is it crimson?) with brown fur trim might be attractive colors for a future hussar regiment, or maybe a company of Croats.

Oh, and the title of today's post refers to that old Wham! tune that has become a Christmas staple on the radio this time of year.  Of course, I'm referring to Last Christmas, a tune that first made the charts in December of 1984.  I actually enjoy hearing the original version of the song, however you can have the covers that have been issued more recently by country star Taylor Swift, the cast of the American TV program Glee, et al.  Puh-leeze!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear prinz Ulrich,

Have you heard "Christmas Without You" sung by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers? The video they made came out at least ten or fifteen years ago and it was a real soldiers video set in a WWII USO in the UK. Kenny Rogers played a WWII pilot who was spending the holiday alone and Dolly Parton played a USO performer who invited him on stage to join her in singing the song. I choke up every time I see it thinking about all the young men and women who will be on foreign stations serving their country.
With the best of holiday feeling,
I remain very truly yours,
Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop of Han-gover
(A/K/A Jerry Lannigan)

Grimsby Mariner said...

Sorry can't stand the Wham singe. Mind you it is better than "Rob Halford sings Chistmas" (big fan of Rob and his heavy metal style but he should leave the Christmas stuff alone!)

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Jerry -- I'll look up Dolly and Kenny's video for this tune on Youtube.

Paul -- Classic Priest with Rob on vocals can't be beat. Agreed. But he can't be any worse singing Christmas tunes than Isaac Hayes was with 'You, the Mistletoe, and Me.' Unbelievably bad. And that's being kind.


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