13 December 2011

The Next Batch of Five. . .

The drum hoops and flag took a little while. . .  The understatement of the month? 

 Blurry, yes, but it shows where I am in the latest saga of painting 60-figure infantry regiments.

Onwards and upwards. . .   The next round of four musketeers awaits!


Chris said...

Love the blog. Could tell me how large are the RSM figures compared to the larger 28s on the market. Also, is the metal hard and durable or soft and bendy?

Thanks. I have always loved the elegant simplicity of the RSM figures and am interested in their horses too, again as long as they are cast quite cleanly and are robust enough for handling.


Chris said...

Hi Stollen. Love the blog. I was wondering if you could answer a couple of Qs about the old RSM figures? How do they compare in size to the modern 28mm figures? Is the casting quality OK? Is the metal hard and robust or soft and bendy?

I have always loved the elegant simplicity of RSM and am also interested in their horses if they would be suitable for other ranges too like ELite or Connoisseur for Napoleonics.

Thanks, Chris

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Chris -- Thanks for your kind remarks! Let me see what I can turn up to answer your question, and I'll do a post addressing it specifically.

Best Regards,



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