08 December 2011

More Seasonal Images. . .

An inviting photograph of Salzburg, Austria's Christkindlmarkt.  Ahhh. . . .  I can almost hear the crunch of snow underfoot and smell the gluehwein and freshly roasted almonds!

Took the evening  off from painting yesterday and instead retired early to bed with a stack of old Miniature Wargames magazines.  Wonderful to revisit those inspiring old articles in the first dozen issues of that particular magazine.  On the figure painting front, just a couple of things left to touch up on the current batch of four RSM95 musketeers, and then it's full steam ahead on the first few officers, standard-bearer, and drummer as well as the mounted colonel.  In the meantime, enjoy these two festive Christmas images.

Old-fashioned images of Santa Claus/ Saint Nikolaus/ Father Christmas are delightful.  I suspect the one above is very like that envisioned each year by Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II when he makes up his Christmas wishlist.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I always love the images that you post this time of year, Stokes.

Thank you.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

Duncan did a cracking job with the early MW didn't he?
Christmas only looks like that somewhere else doesn't it?


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