21 December 2011

It's the first day of winter. . . Happy Solstice!

Yet another Victorian-era image of Santa Claus/ Father Christmas, this time in red with a sprig of holly, one of spruce, and a pack of toys and assorted goodies for the little ones on his back.  

Little of great consequence to report today.  Finished the black bits on those current ten figures lats night.  This afternoon and evening it's the two-part process on the coats.  During breakfast today, I introduced Young Master Paul to a slice of his mother's stollen, which he quickly consumed and then asked for more.  Good boy.  Can the requisite mug of fresh, strong coffee be far behind?  Not, I fear, if we want the Young Master to sleep again before 2020!

Later, I ran a couple of final errands to assist Santa Claus midday and returned in time for a pre-Christmas walk around the neighborhood with the Grand Duchess and the Young Master, who insisted on climbing the stars to the second floor by himself this morning.  It's amazing how quickly language development and various motor skills come at this age.

No snow yet here in the Grand Duchy, but the day is seasonably chilly, dark, and damp, very like the two weeks when I visited my mother and stepfather in Southampton, England for the Christmas-New Year's period where Step-Dad was a misplaced Welshman and lecturer in International Relations at the University of Southampton at the time.    And although it's been almost 25 years since that trip, its fun, warmth, and delightful experiences are always vivid in my mind come late December.  Almost as if it were only yesterday.  Sigh.  I can't help be feel jolly and full of good cheer at this time of year.  

And here is a Norwegian julenisse, enjoying his traditional bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve.  In Norway, it is this nisse who brings toys to the children, but you must remember to leave a bowl of porridge in the barn for him otherwise misfortune will befall your farm in the coming year.  The tomte is a very similar figure in neighboring Sweden.

 The 6th (Luebecker Musketeers) Regiment of Infantry with steps two and three completed.


Giles said...

Good luck with your painting over the Christmas holiday, Stokes. I hope any forthcoming snow doesn't create any major problems! (Here in England the slightest flutter causes instant chaos and government meltdown.)

Best seasonal wishes


tidders said...

Happy solstice day !

Your new boys are coming along nicely

-- Allan


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