20 December 2011

I'll make some coffee, and let's have a few slices of Stollen!

Today's Victorian postcard image shows another green-robed Santa Claus/Father Christmas atop a small sleigh drawn by two rather more realistic reindeer. . .  in size at any rate.

We took Young Master Paul to visit Santa Claus late this morning, and he did very well.  Hopped right up in Santa's lap, babbled some toddler language for a few minutes, smiled, hopped down, and thanked Santa in English and then German before taking my hand and leading me away to his mother.  All in all, it was a very pleasant exchange. And I must commend Santa on his genuine white beard and deep, resonant voice, which is what you would expect from the Big Man after all.

As for the next batch of ten RSM's. . .  The fleshtone has been applied.  And I am pleased with the way I am gradually learning to use the brush to wipe off excess paint on the raised areas of each face (cheeks, chin, and bridge of the noses), providing an instant highlight when using a white basecoat.  After supper and Young Master Paul's bedtime, it's on to the various black parts of the figures -- hats, shoes/gaiters, and cartridge pouches.  Charge!

And here you are. . .  One half of the Grand Duchess Sonja's Dresdner Stollen for Christmas 2011, all finished at about 1:30 this morning.  We store it in two plastic boxes, but truthfully it's never around long enough to worry about it going stale.  In fact, I've already informed my wife that she might, just might need to prepare and bake another one next week to carry us through New Year's!  Oh, and I think this stollen is the best one yet.  A bit moister and with more dried fruit.  It almost melts in your mouth.  Shhhhh, don't mention the amount of butter that's in this to my doctor!

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Mosstrooper said...

Mmmm! looks very nice indeed.


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