07 December 2011

Almost finished with anther four RSM Musketeers. . .

Here is another Christmas market photograph, this time a bright, cheery shot of the Luebecker Weihnachtsmarkt in Luebeck, Germany.  The picture seems to have been shot from a lower window of the old Rathaus with St. Maria's Church at the right.  The Grand Duchess and I enjoyed an organ concert inside the church during June of 2009.

Photographs will follow later today after some final details and touch-ups to the current crop of RSM Prussian musketeers, which I am painting in the uniforms more or less worn by Luebeck's Burgermilitaer during the mid-18th century.  Next up, some officers, a drummer, and a sergeant all of who are primed with two coats of white acrylic paint, which is really speeding along the painting process since the uniforms feature white breeches, waistcoats, and facings/turnbacks.  I've also done the basic painting  of the colonel's horse.  That was doe using the old process of an undercoat of Humbrol tan enamel, followed by an application of Grumbacher Burnt Umber oil paint, which was then dabbed away with a handy bit of paper towel, leaving what will become a nice light bay horse for Colonel von Weinshenke once a wash of Payne's Gray oil is applied to the steed's mane, tail, and lower legs.  Be sure to tune in again this evening for a couple of photo updates!

1 comment:

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Prinz Ulrich,

It's great to see that the army is coming along in its supply of new uniforms, weapons and equipment. A few questions:
1. Will there be white or yellow tape on the tricornes?
2. What color do you use for the gun stocks?
3. Do you use a wash on the faces and hands of your loyal troops?
Be well and njoy the sweets left by "the Old Man!"
Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop of the Duchy of Han-gover


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