29 October 2011

Minden Hussar Update!!!

The most recently finished nine figures are those at the right rear of this photo -- eight troopers and an officer.

21 hussars down, nine to go!  Let's see how much ground I can cover by November 5th, which is the painting challenge deadline, established by mutual consensus between myself and several other wargaming friends around the globe.  

At the moment, the figures in question have been given their basecoats of three or four different shades of Humbrol glossy yellows, tans and browns.  Tonight, I slop oil washes over these and set the figures aside to dry for 24 hours.  Then, it's on to flesh and hair on the troopers before applying a white undercoat to those areas earmarked for later coats of red and light blue.  And then lots and lots of yellow. . .  braiding, facings, girdles, vandyking, etc., etc.

Here's another shot of the same formation, taken with the camera sitting on the table before the figures.  It almost looks like they are charging right for me!

Finally, here's another high angle shot.  Orson Welles look out!  Funny how a few decent photographs will bring your figures to life.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Looking very good, Stokes. Keep those paint brushes moving!

-- Jeff

Old School ACW said...

Smashing job old man.

Mosstrooper said...

looking god !

Grimsby Mariner said...

Excellent work.

tidders said...

very nice, keep up the good work - you'll soon be finished

-- Allan


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