10 September 2011

More Minden Hussars. . .

 The first four hussars, featuring the rear of the regimental colonel's white pelisse.

The first four hussars with the colonel turned around, to show his front.

The next four hussars in the painting queue, already quite a way into the painting process.

The Grand Duchess went to a small party thrown by a professor from a neighboring state univeristy in the next town over last night, to schmooze and introduce her recently hired colleague.  Attempts at fostering greater collegiality between the two German departments, or something like that.  She followed that with several hours at a 'ladies' night in' party at one of our own colleague's houses closer to home.  

So, following Young Master Paul's dinner and bedtime routine, yours truly was able to escape down here to Zum Stollenkeller for several hours of uninterrupted painting!  Almost five in total, something that hasn't happened really since my graduate school and immediate post-graduate school bachelor days in Minneapolis.  

Anyway, about 45 minutes to wrap up a few details on those first four hussars, including a first for me. . .  brown hooves, which really seem to bring the steeds to life.  Usually, I just leave them black, but I think from now on that I'll add this little detail.  See what you think in the first two photos above and leave a comment, or two.

I next began work on the second four in the queue.  Now, I intended only to noodle around with a yellow detail or two before retiring to bed with a book and some Radio Habana (from Havana, Cuba in English) on the bedside shortwave radio.  Yes, I am a hopeless nerd.  Anyway, the bits I set out to paint went so quickly that I kept working, adding in no particular order: white straps on the sabretaches and valises, yellow piping and light blue to the valises themselves, dark brown on the carbine stocks, crimson shoulder belts that secure those same carbines, and diluted acrylic black for black lining, to help offset certain details like the yellow barreled sashes and lace on the front of the four dolmans.  It was a busy, fun-filled, productive evening and almost midnight by the time I stopped.  Glorious!

What lighted the paintbrush fire last night?  Well, a gentlemen's bet, of sorts, with several like-minded friends.  All of us have been wrestling in recent months with painting hussars, 18th Century Croats, and the like.  One of the group suggested that we see who could paint the most (or possibly finish a particular unit) by November 5th.  He likened it to a painterly version of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days.  

I'm not sure what the winnings might be though.  Possibly money?  Possibly a case of single malt scotch whisky?  Possibly a humidor filled with fine Cuban cigars?  Or maybe a pair of bespoke wingtip shoes by Church or Alden?  More likely, simple glory and the bragging rights to go with it.  At any rate, a fun challenge and a necessary kick in the seat of the pants, which a Danish literature professor of mine, who I liked and admired a great deal, once told me everyone needed from time to time.  Certainly with regard to things we keep putting off, like writing seminar papers and painting 30mm hussars!

At any rate, stay tuned during the next nine weeks or so, to see how things are going with these Minden hussars.  

Rats!  It just occurred to me that I need to slap on a bit of silver and brass for the bits and buckles for some of the horse furniture on those first four figures.  See?  That's what happens when you get too smug.  Gumble, grumble, grumble. . .


Fitz-Badger said...

Somewhere years ago I was given to understand that if the foot was light the hoof was light and if the foot was dark the hoof was dark. I don't know if that's true or not, but I follow that when I paint horses and it seems right.

Jiminho said...

I think that you just might have your groove back! The hussars are really well done, colourful and not too fussy. The faces are nicely done too, great moustache on the colonel.


Bloggerator said...

Fine work there young Schwartz!

Young Horne


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