30 September 2011

Minden Hussar Update: Photo Coming Soon. . .

 In the meantime, here is an image, presumably of 18th, or very early 19th Century vintage, of a Swedish hussar.  A member of the Crown Prince's Regiment no less.

Happy to report that I am nearing completion of the first dozen of those 30 Minden Prussian hussars that I've been moaning about here for months.  That should leave me with just over a month to complete the remaining 18 (in three batches of six) before the completion date of November 5th. . .  the day before my 45th, er. . .  um. . .   ah. . .  29th birthday!  

Anyway, my wife actually asked how painting was going the other evening about 9:30pm when we joined each other on the front porch for a few moments of quiet and calm.  Caught off guard -- because the Grand Duchess almost NEVER asks about my soldier hobby -- I almost choked on my single malt and spluttered that things were going well, but if I had it to do over again, I would have purchased hussar figures from Spencer Smith, something I will do in future since my desire for more hussars on the tabletop never fully goes away.  It's just painting the darn things!  

Don't get me wrong, the Minden castings are exquisite works of art, but I've always felt they are so chock-a-block with tiny details that they intimidate all but the very best painters.  They have certainly absolved me of any smugness I might have had at one time about my own ability to paint wargaming figures to a convincing standard.  Just my two cents.  That said, for personality figures, they are without equal, and I hope to add a few more of them to my collection at some point.  Christmas is on the horizon after all, and it's time to start thinking about that annual letter to Santa Claus/Father Christmas. 


Mosstrooper said...

The great advantage of Spencer Smith is that YOU paint the detail on yourself !.I'm 'sold' on them !

Bluebear Jeff said...

While I admire the detail on fine figures like the Mindens, I prefer simpler castings.

Perhaps it is because I am not a particularly good painter and I don't like "details", but give me figures without a lot of detail please.

-- Jeff

Conrad Kinch said...

All I would say is that you have an audience of one to please and there is simply nothing to do beyond that.


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