16 September 2011

The Imelda Marcos of Wargaming??!!

Shoes by  Johnston Murphy. . .  Very comfortable, but too formal for anything but a suit and tie, which isn't required most days on university campuses. . .  unless you are a fraternity pledge, and your "brothers" require you to dress up on a given day.

While I plug away at those Minden hussars -- And who really wants to look at endless updates of each group of four figures currently under the brush? -- I thought I'd share a photograph of today's footwear choice and, indeed, my bottom half.  I've decided to buck societal trends and rechristen the end of the workweek "Dress Up Friday" instead of the dreaded "Casual/ Blue Jean/ Dress Down Friday," or some variation thereof.  Puh-leeze!  At any rate. . .

(A 1940s Pathe Newsreel Announcer's Voice): And here comes the ravishing Stokes, who is modelling a delightful pair of black captoe oxfords with navy blue socks and a three season wool two-piece suit also in navy blue.  As he saunters casually down the runway, Stokes removes the suit's two-button coat from his shoulders, to reveal an eye-catching mid-blue shirt that features white pinstripes and a straight collar (Stokes twirls several times here, maintaining his practiced, vapid smile and perfectly arched right eyebrow as flashbulbs pop, and the crowd oohs and ahhs).  

(Stokes rakishly tosses his jacket over one shoulder and walks back up the runway with exaggerated shoulder action as the announcer continues. . .): Worn with a daring brown necktie that features navy and silver-gray paisley designs, Stokes looks ready for anything that university undergraduates, or colleagues might throw his way today.  And for that one final bit of panache, Stokes has added a cream-colored silk handkerchief, with tiny brown and red polka dots, which peeks from the outside chest pocket of his suit jacket, demonstrating that a man about campus can never be overdressed -- (Sotto voce) Either that, or he's just out-of-step with the rest of the world. -- Isn't he simply stunning?

All kidding aside, I enjoy the way dressing up makes me feel for the few hours each day when I'm on campus, leading my classes and  interacting with young minds.  It's enjoyable anyway, but nice clothes and something as frivolous  as a pocket handkerchief make it kind of, well, fun!  Who says dressing up has to be stiff and uncomfortable?  As often as I am able, I remain in my nice clothes and shoes once home, to savor the experience a little longer before changing into more practical "toddler appropriate" clothing.  And hey, with the 45th birthday looming, plus a few new gray hairs appearing each week on the ol' noggin, I've decided that life is too short to worry about whether I seem overdressed, or some people think that's funny.  I like it, and that's the main thing.

But what of other, more wargamerly things?  Well, coming this weekend, that promised Grand Review of all the figures painted thus far for the Grand Duchy of Stollen project.  And maybe a photograph or two of that next batch of finished hussars, depending on how the mood strikes me.  In any case, be sure to tune in again later to  GDS-TV!  ;-)


Fitz-Badger said...

I say dress how you please if it makes you happy. Who cares if others (like me) are not so dapper? If anything, it probably adds that touch of eccentricity students seem to find endearing in their professors.

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hmmm. . . Dapper? Maybe. Dandy? Possibly. Foppish? Certainly not! But I'm pretty certain my dress gives my students (and maybe a few colleagues) something to giggle about.

Best Regards,



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