04 September 2011

Hussar Progress Photo. . .

 Ok, a very modest four figures here, not the usual squadron-sized batch of eight or nine, but at least I've managed to get my seat into the painting seat, pick up a brush, and open a few bottles of paint.  Still lots of things to do like the guidon, the stripes down the outside of the breeches, the scabbards and stirrups, some more black lining for definition here and there, etc., etc.   And let's not forget a few touch-ups to fix those inevitable forthcoming mishaps with the brush!  Still, I'm fairly well please with the way things have gone the last few nights and eager to return for an hour or so of painting this evening.  Oh, and how do you like that depth-of field in the picture? 

1 comment:

Paul Liddle said...

Your Hussars look great,a very good choice of uniform.


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