09 September 2011

Finally Cool enough for Tweed and Corduroy

Here's a photo of my bottom half today. Vintage Florsheim wingtips (brogues), olive Argyll socks, and tan cords. On the top: Harris tweed blazer and pale green window pane button-down shirt by Brooks Brothers with an olive green knit silk tie by Lands End and a subtle green, black, red, and white paisley silk handkerchief peeking out from the blazer pocket. Even if my students aren't interested in what I have to say, they'll have fun looking at me. . . and laughing about it later!  Now, how about those Minden hussars, Stokes?


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like the look, sir.

-- Jeff

johnpreece said...

I am relieved to see you back to looking your best. I suspect that is also related to your increased painting.

(Can a Gentlemen ever feel completely relaxed trying to paint in brown and blue?)

Interestingly in the UK a Blazer would exclusivly be a lightweight jacket in Navy Blue. Still if we can cope with 'Wingtips' then a tweed Blazer is no problem.

I used to use Lands End a lot for cotton shirts and summer trousers however when they were taken over by Sears Roebuck I thought the quality dropped a lot. Are they back on form now?


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, Jeff!

John, it's been several years since I have purchased anything from Land's End except for shirts and the occasional necktie. For off the rack items, their long-sleeved dress shirts are very nice. Now, if I could just find a way to wear that pretty green necktie with pink lobsters all over it a bit more often!

Best Regards,


La Sombra Sofisticada said...

Very nice bottom half!


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