30 July 2011

The Third Time's the Charm, Or Revamped Hussars. . . Again!

Still quite a bit to paint, but I've finally got the color of blue that I'm after.  Should have done this to begin with.  Why in the world didn't I listen to the little inner voice in the first place?

Sometimes, I guess, you just have to skin your knees a few times before things fall into place.  So, after trying out a wash of light blue acrylic over a white acrylic undercoat on a single hussar test figure Thursday evening, yesterday afternoon I re-applied (long, drawn-out groan) a white undercoat to the dolmans and pelisses of his 11 cronies.  Later, after supper and bedtime for Young Master Paul, while the Grand Duchess packed and streamed an episode or two of Desperate Housewives online, I stole away back down here to Zum Stollenkeller, to apply washes of Games Workshop light blue (Icy Blue?) and see how things stood this time.

Voila!  Eureka!  Shazam!  Holy Utility Belts Batman!  This is finally it.  The third time's the charm.  The watery light blue settled in the depressed areas -- No jokes about my mental state with regard to recent painting frustrations here, please! -- and ran thin on the raised areas, leaving, more or less, highlights behind in a pleasing Gilder-esque, or perhaps Mason-esque way.  The work went fairly quickly, leaving me time for some very judicious black lining on the inside of the bent left elbows of the figures (the sword arms).  I followed up be retouching the red on the breeches and added a black line or two behind the slightly bent knees of the figures.  Now, I finally feel like we can move ahead with these blasted figures and start to make some headway elsewhere.

Of course, the one fly in the ointment that I discovered yesterday is that, apparently, the lace on the dolmans and pelisses of the Lauzun Legion hussars was white/silver. . .  NOT the yellow/gold that I have painted!  Grrrrrrr. . .   So, that little detail will need to be rectified before too much longer as well. . .  Maybe.  My own hussars will be an imaginary unit of cavalry after all, rather than a true representation in miniature of the mounted arm of Lauzun's Legion.  So, maybe I am worrying about it too much?  But you want to get things just right, you know?  Still, I've finally managed to get the primary uniform colors fixed at last.  

Anyway, below, you'll find several uniform plates that I have found online, which I have been referring to in the painting, and I use the term loosely, of my Minden hussars.  Look closely, and you'll find some conflicting details.  These might have been details that differed between squadrons, or maybe just things that uniform historians aren't sure about now.  Or, like later Napoleonic troops, particularly the late-Napoleonic French and Prussians, they wore what they could acquire easily, and the term "uniform" did not have quite that same rigid connotation that it, more or less, does today.  I really like the gold lacing and white pelisse of the superior officer though (third illustration down). Since I have an extra pair of Minden hussars (officer and trumpeter), to paint as cavalry brigade leaders, there is a good chance I'll base a uniform on this plate at a later point.

Ok, there's painting to be done, ladies and gentlemen!  So, what are we doing sitting here jabbering about it?  And there's a game for me to plan and set up too.  Places to go and things to do, so I'd better snap to it.  Enjoy the weekend!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Ulrick,

An interesting commentary on the vicissitudes of accurately painting a figure. The Grand Duchess agrees that your opening blog page is the very best in the blogosphere.
Gerhardt von Grumpchin
Duke of the Hereditary Duchy of Han-gover

Ross Mac said...

They look purdy darned good to me so far. I believe that different components of the Legion had slightly different uniforms. This website supports that and identifies the cavalry with yellow lace and red pants as the Headquarters Company while the Hussars wore the white lace and yellow pants.



Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you both, CC and Ross! I'll have a look at that website right now.

Best Regards,

Stokes (aka Ulrich von B.)

Stryker said...

I do know that feeling of not being quite happy with something you've already spent a long time painting. I think you have it right now - splendid looking figures!


Mark Dudley said...


I had the same trouble in getting the blue right on my Erbprinz.

Its difficult trying to match a colour from the front of Charge.

guy said...

I am suffering the same type of difficulties/delays as I am painting a 32 figure strong unit of French napoleonic 3rd Hussars mainly using the plastic perry figures. Hussars always take me ages due to the intricate uniform. However I do think the pain is worthwhile in the end.

A few months back I painted 16 zvesda plastic SYW prussian hussars and I have only just got round to basing them this week. All the effort was worthwhile as I am v pleased the way they have turned out. I look forward to seeing your completed unit.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I feel an urgent need to re-paint those bodge jobs I did based on your excellent brush work... the good news is that I may be able to get rid of the hideous red... the website RossMac gives is a mine of informaiton... as he says the red trousers were as per the HQ Company, but further down it states "The uniform of this new Legion would be the same as previously described for the Volontaires Étrangers de la Marine with a few exceptions outlined in its Ordonnance including a stipulation that all hussars would be dressed as previously regulated for the Compagnie Generale." Which I think means that all his hussars wore red trousers/red edgings..??


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