09 June 2011

This is one you'll want to read!

Just a quick post, to spread the good word about this upcoming work -- for those of you who might not know already -- which I am sure will be a gem, and a solid addition to the literature that is such an important part of the wargaming hobby.  The Wargaming Compedium by Henry Hyde, who is the creative force behind Battlegames magazine.  

At the moment, Henry is apparently writing hell for leather (pardon the bad pun) to finish it, though, apparently, the book's Amazon ratings are already pretty high for a work that has yet to appear.  Of course, it has been added to my yearly birthday/Christmas list, which I'll forward to the Grand Duchess in early September.  

I feel safe in suggesting that this one will rank right up there with various works by "the greats" of the hobby: Featherstone, the Grants, Young & Lawford, Wesencraft, and Wise.  Can't wait to see it become available!

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Anonymous said...

Henry is one of my personal heroes both as a writer and a shining example of the 'no one was putting out what I wanted to read, so I guess I'll just have to publish it myself!' philosophy. This combined with the fact that the cover displays some 'non-traditional' forms of wargaming (i.e. fantasy & western skirmish) demonstrate that both our dear Mr. Hyde and the publisher are interested in dragging the hobby kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Personally, I can't wait for this one!


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