23 June 2011

Still Alive and Kicking Here at Stollen Central!!!

Just overwhelmed with various projects at the moment, wargaming-related and otherwise.  But the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, his long-suffering English man servant Hives, and their miniature minions passed the 150,000 visits sometime last night.  Hmmmm. . .  I can't decide if that sounds like the title of some film noir from the 1940s, or a romantic comedy from the 1990s with Andie McDowell, Meg Ryan, and Hugh Grant.  But anyway, thank you to everyone who drops by here often, or occasionally.  Your continued interest is greatly appreciated.  Look for the resumption of more normal nattering on about painting soldiers and such to resume before too much longer.  Now, if only I could find the time to read that latest issue of Battlegames.  Charge!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Congratulations of reaching the 150,000 visit milestone!

All the best,


Bluebear Jeff said...

Congratulations indeed, Stokes. That is quite a milestone.

-- Jeff

Conrad Kinch said...

Well done!

Grimsby Mariner said...

As a side note. If you have a games console then I'd reccomend L.A.Noire - a game set in Los Angeles in the '40s.


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