17 February 2011

Coming Soon: Prussian Command Personalities from Minden Miniatures!!!

Newsflash!  Minden Miniatures is currently working on some SYW-era Prussian mounted generals and dismounted staff.  Although Frank Hammond, the man behind Minden Miniatures, points out that these will not be ready for sale for some time yet (so please don't e-mail Frank to ask him when), the photographs of the greens are terribly impressive.  Click on the highlighted link above to be magically transported to Frank's blog, where you can ogle these sculpting marvels.  Richard Ansell's best work yet, I'd say.  It looks like I'll have to add some of these to the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection once they become available.


pp said...

They look great!

One thing bugging me, not to do with MM. I some pic's of your troops I can see a can of ceramicoat bamboo, please explain?


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi P.P.,

That is one of the off-white/yellowish tan undercoats I use on figures that get "white" uniforms. I use it to provide some shading/shadow/contrast for troops painted white. Look closely at my unit of white-coated cuirassiers, or white-uniformed fusiliers in older posts from 2009-2010 for a more detailed explanation. Thanks for checking in!

Best Regards,


pp said...

ahh no further explanation needed, so it's not some secret bamboo extract that gives you increased painting prowess when inhaled through tne nostrils.



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