03 December 2010

Toy Soldiers. . .

A suitably seasonal picture of some shiny British Guards marching in formation that I found on the web somewhere. Kind of makes you hanker for some of those whimsical Shiny Toy Soldiers by Aly Morrison, doesn't it?

For some strange reason, this is the time of year that I most associate with toy soldiers. Of course, that has something to do with The Nutcracker and its March of the Tin Soldiers. But that feeling also comes from my very early activity in the hobby, now almost more years ago than I care to remember! In December 1983, I was firmly into the Napoleonic period and reading everything on it that my high school library had or could get. That Christmas, my mother and sister presented me with a book on uniforms and a small set of hobby paints for some Jacobite 15mm Napoleonics that I was awaiting. Sadly, the figures did not arrive in the mail until January, but all of that eager anticipation, joy, and surprise always comes back during the Advent period and Christmas season.

Otherwise, it's a cold, partly sunny early morning here at Stollen Central. I've finished my Garrison artillery figures and started basecoating the Holger Eriksson dragoons and two MiniFig cannon. Today is also the final day of the university's fall semester, and we have some light snow in the forecast. Hurrah! Just a few papers to read and some final grades to submit next week, and then it's time to get the Christmas season well and truly underway here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen. And to celebrate, I'll wear my new navy blue suit, just returned from the tailor's, that Mom and Step-Dad gave me for my birthday last month. As my late maternal grandfather used to say, "It's a great day to be alive!"


guy said...

Also feeling good here. I'm side tracked from the files on my desk. I've just booked the girl's ski and boarding lessons for when we escape to the Alps after christmas. A little odd to do this in the uk at the moment as everywhere is frozen solid. Still I can guarantee the trains will be working on time in Switzerland which is more than you can say here.


Paul´s Bods said...

There is something highly attractive about these old lead soldiers...I used to have tons of them...they got melted down either for experiments in casting new dtuff (didn´t work :-( ) or for airgun ammo.

johnpreece said...

I trust you will not be wearing your Magic Flute with those dreadful shoes we saw some time ago?

I hope Santa brings your soldiers on time this year.



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